If you can’t write, then… Write?

I said I would post something about my writing process, but the truth is I haven’t been very prolific for the past week. I’ve only been getting between 400-800 words a day, and my usual goal is 1,500-2,000. It’s a little frustrating, a little embarrassing, and definitely something I need to work on. It’s not writer’s block. I know where my story is going, it’s just that my brain is stumbling over the words to get there, they aren’t flowing like they should.

It’s something I think every writer goes through. I need to be productive, though. I’ve started far too many things without finishing them, and that’s another major problem for me. So the solution to both problems is this, if I can’t write, then I’ll write. On a different story.

I can feel the winces, the frowns, the disagreement people might feel toward that statement. What I mean, though, is not starting something new. There’s no way I can do that until I finish these three projects. But I have a great deal of rewriting and editing to do on my other stories. Since they differ in genre and viewpoint, it’s a nice change to go and dabble in another project for a day or so. Besides, rewrites are much easier for me. Nothing nicer than seeing the word count going up.

I’ve been trying for days to force myself to stare at the blank screen, to get used to it, to force out words, but it just isn’t happening. But I can’t just not write. This is a skill that needs to be practiced daily, just like any other. There’s not much to be gleaned from this post, I’m afraid. Just a personal note on my own trials and tribulations at the keyboard.

Hope you all are doing well and are much more prolific than I am!


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