Works In Progress (and why I suck at finishing them)

I’m one of those people who reads everything, from books to the backs of shampoo bottles. And that isn’t a joke. It may be a symptom of my OCD, I don’t know. But if there are words I must have them. Because of how much I read, I always want to write. I want to blog here about my writing process and I will very soon. I think it will be a series from idea inception to novel completion. Have I completed a novel, yet? No… not really. The closest I’ve gotten is a 60-70k YA urban fantasy, but once it was finished I realized it needs a complete rewrite. A point of view shift, some major plot tweaks.

 I also have 50k on an adult post-apocalyptic tucked away. The story is so dear to my heart that I stopped half way through and decided to get better at writing before I continued.

The novel I’m currently working on is at 13k words. Not very much, but it’s also some of the most complex plotting and character development I’ve done thus far. I’m also half-finished a short story for my next Tuesday post. It’s already passed a thousand words, so it might be a bit longer than the last one. Maybe I’ll be nice and post it in two parts.

I also have a lot of painting I need to get done. I’m working on a city scene for a charity auction which needs to be done early April, and then I have 3 portraits to finish. So maybe that’s why I suck at finishing. I take on too much, I make promises. My Gemini brain jumps from one thing to the next. I’m working on this, really. I will learn to complete things.

Sorry that there’s nothing really useful in this post. I will have something more along those lines up soon.

  1. I get distracted. Crazy-distracted. I go to write something and two hours later realize I’m on Wikipedia and haven’t done so much as a word. And then I have to go do something else and my writing time is gone. Alas! Oh dear you’re a Gemini. You guys are supposed to be really hyper, you know that.

  2. Good luck with your projects! Try telling yourself that you’ve got to finish one thing before you go on to the next. I know it’s hard, but sometimes that helps me focus on one project.

    • I hope to be able to do that one day. I was committed to the rewrite of the first YA, but then my file disappeared somewhere in the switch between the trial of Scrivener and the paid version. I got pretty disheartened, having lost that many words, hence moving on for a while.
      Thanks for the comment!

      • I don’t blame you! I probably would have too!

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