Rushed Morning Introduction

I always feel a little self-indulgent writing things about myself. That’s why I have never tried to keep a blog, I want to create new people, new lives and experiences, not talk about my own. But at the same time, there is a lot a blog can offer me if it works out. So here’s a (hopefully) short introduction about myself and what I want to do here.

I go by the name Rayna Cendre, I’m 22 and living in Canada. Maybe it’s the Canadian part that made me such a recluse, sitting indoors and tapping away at my laptop, or drawing to waste the hours that normal people would be outdoors. Where I grew up it rained almost every day. Stephanie Meyer painted that as a romantic notion… well, it’s not. It’s just wet. So yes, I write, like many others do. I also do pretty much any other kind of art, but mostly I write and paint.

I’d love to say I’ve finished a novel, but I haven’t. I’m close, though. My first and second novels are undergoing rewrites. They tell you that your first novel will probably be crap, but they don’t tell you that you wont be able to let go of the idea. And I can’t, because I love my first one. It will take a lot of work, and I probably wont be able to finish it until I’m a much better writer, but that’s okay with me.

My second project was birthed during NaNoWriMo, and was the first time I attempted writing Young Adult. And because of that my third, and current work, ended up being YA as well. I’ve done one short story that I hope to shop around, and I’ll probably write some more. Maybe I’ll even post some of my writing here – I haven’t quite decided yet. I’ll probably be writing about the process of my writing as I go through it, so there will be elevator pitches or summaries eventually.

See, I tried to tell you about myself and just got all excited about writing. Sheesh. Anyway, I work as a house painter, I live with my fiance and cat, I devour books, and I pretty much only know one other person who reads (my sister).

So that’s all. You can probably expect progress reports on my novels, thoughts and ideas on the writing process, writing and publishing resources, possibly book reviews, and lots of bad grammar. Thanks for reading!


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  1. Welcome to the blogosphere 🙂 I’m new myself and still wandering around, dazed and confused. It’s fun though. Promise!

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